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A complete, easy to use, guide that shows you step by step how to make your karaoke cd's. 
We offer two services for you:
  Option 1                                                    
Basic Karaoke Guide In PDF Format  
    - A Simple Instruction Guide
    - Text Only
    - No Free Unlimited Tech Support(free for the first 24 hrs. after purchase)
    - No Graphics
    - Must Have Adode Reader
               (free download)
    - One Time Fee of 13.00
     - Must have WinZip (free)
Option 2
Video Karaoke Guide:
- Instructions On Video
- Follow Along While I Show You
- Basic Karaoke Guide Included
- Video In Avi Format
- Unlimited Tech. Support
- Video And Graphics Inhanced
- Excellent Quality
- One Time Fee Of 30.00


Here are a few advantages of creating your own Karaoke cd's:

*Save Money Instantly
*Professional Sound Quality
*Build Your Own Karaoke CD Library From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
*Unlimited Song Choices
*Freedom To Sing What You Want


One Karaoke Cd  30.00
One Night Singing On The Town  80.00
Top Rated Karaoke Software  200.00
Creating Your Own Karaoke Cd+g's   Priceless




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